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Someone that cares about you invited you to this Web site. You may just be stressed out by everyday life or looking to understand more about deeper issues. It’s our hope that you’ll stay a while, look around, ask questions and begin a conversation with us. Please us and come back as often as you can. We have new articles posted all the time. Write us and tell us your story, we care, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

What Do You Believe In?

“What Do You Believe In?”

You may have come upon the E610 site from taking part in our current filming of What Do You Believe In?, a soon to be released documentary asking the question that so many people today hesitate to ask each other. We were curious and we think you’ll be surprised by the responses we have found. A special thank you, if you have been on film, we would love to hear from you and send you a copy at no charge once our filming and editing has been completed.


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Current Events

Calm those Children down!
You may be surprised at how some are going about it.

Surfing, how safe are you?
Once at this site go far down on the page and look for “Hot Spots” then click on Shields UP!

What are you watching?
Movie Reviews

What’s for Dinner?
Meals together as a Family are important. Try this helpful site and have fun!

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